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Daddy Walhart’s just a little repressed.


Tharja and Walhart are rather abusive parents. Are they like that in the Japanese version as well? Are there anyone else who is not-so-caring as a parental unit in the Japanese version of the game?


She still uses Noire as a guinea pig in the Japanese, yes, and Noire still complains of Tharja being absorbed in her revenge. Some details were altered for comedy. For example,

Every time you talked back, Mother cursed you up to your eyeballs… Or sometimes she just cursed your eyeballs, and you cried yourself to sleep.

でも父さん…未来では But dad… in the future,
母さんに口答えするたび、▼ each time you talked back to mom,
返り討ちされて泣き寝入りしてたんだけど you’d have the tables turned on you and end up crying yourself to sleep, so
大丈夫なの…?▼is it really all right…?

(Note: “Crying yourself to sleep” here is an idiom which can just mean giving up in frustration.)

But for the most part, yes, it’s there. We’re talking about the country where the head of the Department of Child Welfare said there’s no such thing as child abuse (only discipline) as recently as 1995, and I suspect that cultural attitude plays a big part in FE13’s casual depiction of this.


Shockingly… for the most part, the localization seems to have made this up. Or at least amped it way, way up. In the original, I think he just comes off as vaguely uncaring and stoic. Not a *good* dad, per se, but not “I should put a sword in you and be done with it.”

It so happens that there’s no actual transcription of this online, but tattedmariposa took pictures from her Knights of Iris book for me and I transcribed it from that. (Why does that book have every single support in the game? Such a weird decision.)

Here are Walhart’s lines in their supports. For the sake of brevity, I’ve just stuck them in underneath his lines in the localization.

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Mini photoshoot-y stuff! XD

So after much general toil and stabbing my fingers with needles, Brady is finally done! :D  I was actually pleasantly amazed at how much I was recognized- literally 30 seconds after walking into the con I had someone come up and hug me and say I was her “favorite kid.” <3 Ran into about 8 other FE cosplayers too- actual con photos and some more stories to come later once I get the rest of the pictures from my friend’s camera. XD (Though I didn’t take nearly as many as usual because two of my three costumes had nowhere to keep a camera).

In the meantime, a couple bonus shots-

*sniffle* *sob*



I really don’t like shipping Chrom with anyone but F!MU (even though I do, to support grind) because 1. It was what I first loved about FE13 and 2. I hate the way Lucina acts towards a not-mother Avatar. It makes her really unlikable.”

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